The VET Shop Kiosk System™ is a standalone product that can operate without the Visual EstiTrack System but is easy to integrate information from Visual EstiTrack into the VET Kiosk System.

The Kiosk system provides a simple concept for presenting important information to your employees. Like most of our programs, each section’s content is custom to fit your company’s unique needs.

With this technology, we are moving away from using bulletin boards to a complete interactive system that is visually stimulating and will help you to communicate more efficiently with employees. 

Each section can be customized by using a configuration screen to add/remove or modify content (JPEG or PDF Files) and publish reports from Visual EstiTrack directly to the Kiosk.

Information presents itself in a slide show format where you can pause, expand the screen to view content in more detail and print. Navigation is easy by using a mouse or your finger (touch screen).

Making it your own

Our VET Shop Kiosk System is versatile. Using a Windows style design complete with vibrant color, display it on a large television screen or computer monitor and place in a public space such as your lunch or conference room.

Customize by providing your own content to share daily announcements, schedules, events and holiday information.

Create and display a Video Message using the WMV movie format.