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Assembly Shops

Some assembly shops create large one-of-a-kind structures while others are primarily involved in production runs and just in-time delivery schedules. 

All assembly shops face common market challenges including competitive bidding and managing right profit margins.

Visual EstiTrack provides a full range of easy-to-use, powerful features designed to help improve profitability and competitiveness including:
  • Complete inventory control
  • Unlimited inventory locations
  • Automated purchasing and receiving
  • Integrated shipping, consignment features, and package and hold
  • Shipping and batch invoice processing
  • Integrated, multi-level BOM
  • Bar-coded data collection
Track progress in real-time including processes, time, materials, labor and burden costs

Some assembly shops manufacture specific components while also purchasing others. Visual EstiTrack provides the tools to manage assembly shop challenges with an acclaimed estimating system that includes an integrated Multilevel BOM, on-board metal and raw material calculators to provide fast and accurate estimates, a fast point-and-click feature to detail routings, cycle time or total hours calculation of labor and burden, comprehensive part revision tracking, attached part drawings and documents, and so much more. With easy navigation, it takes only one move to access part histories, create orders, schedule, create purchase orders, shipping docs, track lots/certs, automate shipping and invoicing, all with no double entry.

Visual EstiTrack is an easy-to-use shop management solution designed to meet the unique needs of progressive make-to-order, make to stock and mixed-mode assembly shops. Visual EstiTrack is delivered "out of the box" with built-in features that enable management of the entire order cycle, from estimating and sales through scheduling and production, outsourcing, material purchasing, shipping, and invoicing - all with complete integration with a quality module and on-board financial package (AR/AP/GL/Banking and Payroll).

  • Integrated Customer Relationship Manager to efficiently generate new business, respond to customer requests and manage accounts, start to finish
  • Fast and accurate Estimating and Quoting with material calculators for one-of-a-kind and repeat orders, single parts and multi-level assemblies
  • Fully integrated multilevel BOM with easy to use interactive visual interface – supports product configurator, kit functions, phantom assemblies
  • Real-time cost tracking – labor, burden and material costs are tracked with integration to shop floor bar-code driven data collection.
  • Detailed Job Costing and Profit Margin reports
  • Drag and drop navigation to convert Estimates to Sales Orders, Shop Orders, Shipping and Invoicing
  • Fast and Flexible Scheduling – work on hours instead of minutes for tool, mold and die work forward or backward - finite or infinite – real time adjustments
  • Bar-coded data collection for payroll, and real-time job tracking and job costing  Automatic purchasing to inventory or directly to the job from the sales order – track purchases, receipts and material usage by the job
  • Complete full- featured inventory - easy-to-use, lot-based, fully integrated for raw materials, WIP and finished goods, complete with locations, remnant tracking, re-order levels, material usage tracking by lot, automatic journaling and more!
  • Fully integrated accounting (accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and payroll) or integrate to Quick Books, Peachtree or many other 3rd party accounting packages
  • 100 plus configurable standard on-board reports and an ODBC database accessible to Crystal report writer and other 3rd party report writing and query tools

Increase Profitability
 Through Integrated Shop Data

"I found it to be a totally integrated system! That's what I was looking for.
 Now we're very efficient, we have the latest technology."
Rod Gross, Owner, Precision Cut
 Industries, Hanover PA

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