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Henning Industrial Software, Inc., was founded in 1990 by Billie and Richard G. Henning after they recognized the need for practical and affordable manufacturing software for use by small- to medium-sized job shops.

Billie’s strong manufacturing background combined with Rich Henning’s strong computer software development background created a perfect match for creating their software line, Visual EstiTrack™ and Visual Books™.

Visual EstiTrack has matured to support many types of organization types including screw machine, job shops, powdered metal, glass, tool and die, fabrication, distribution, assembly, and other industry-related companies.

Since its inception, Henning Software has continued to grow and moved into its new headquarter offices in 2006. The new state-of-the-art offices feature an in-house training facility and remote communications which provide for fast, always-customer communications.

Rich has a computer science degree and graduate level training. He spent his formative years developing software and providing long-range information systems planning for Ernst & Young (accounting firm), and the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation. This was all during the time that personal computers were just beginning to change the ways in which people do business. He was there in the old days when mainframes were "in", and participated in the client/server revolution. Henning Software has grown from a one-user DOS program, to a multi-user, objected-oriented Windows environment, capable of supporting multiple workstations in large manufacturing facilities.

Henning Software provides high quality software development services to a wide variety of small and large corporations. As an applications development and information system consulting company with every developer approaching 25 years of experience, we have created custom solutions using the most advanced and current applications development technology. The company's experience spans many different markets, including the development of large-scale applications and products for the manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, and financial industries.

One of the founding principles of Henning Software has been to provide off-the-shelf solutions and the ability to create customized solution when needed to meet a customer's unique and special needs. All Henning Software applications are characterized by user-friendly screens with a focus on efficiency to make the systems more accessible, to make your job easier, and your day more productive.

The bottom line is to enable you to use your new system as a competitive advantage over your competition.

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